Building Management

When Active Management assumes the management of a building, it takes full responsibility for it, acting in the Owners’ best interests and endeavouring to bring the best out of the property, all according to current law.

Active Management provides the following activities:

  • Preparation of long-term ‘best-use’ plan for conservation and improvement of the property,
  • Negotiation and signing of both residential and commercial lease agreements
  • Preparation of detailed renovation plan along with budgeting and tender for works,
  • Representing the Owner in front of tenants,
  • Representing the Owner in front of state offices, local government administration authorities, banks, the post office and other institutions,
  • Renegotiation and signing of contracts with utility and telecoms services providers,
  • Building book management,
  • Prompt and effective professional intervention in emergency situations (including 24-hour emergency telephone service),
  • Regular updating of Owner with financial reports and related information.

Our offer:

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